Friday, June 5, 2015

On the Road with Anna: Boston

Welcome to “On the Road with Anna,” in which we continue following Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez as she travels the country meeting the girls, volunteers, and council teams that help make Girl Scouts such a powerful force for change. 

I returned this week from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where I had a fantastic visit with girls and volunteers from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

girl scout volunteers

The best part of traveling is having the opportunity to meet the girls of our Movement and see firsthand the impact our work is having on their lives. On Thursday, I got to meet girls who participate in the FaB Factor program at the Dudley School in Roxbury. 

FaB Factor encourages girls to discover their inner fabulousness in finance, fitness, leadership, and STEM. I had a chance to talk with Girl Scouts Tatyhana and Amaryllis, who shared their experiences learning new STEM skills and talked about the opportunities Girl Scouts has given them to try new things and take up leadership positions. 

I also met with some of the amazing council volunteers who serve as curators of their council museum. These incredible women are the keepers of the history and legacy of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, and their passion for Girl Scouts, and their commitment to our Movement and the girls of their council, really shine through.

“I have the opportunity to be in the community with the girls, addressing and staying contemporary with their needs, and really making a difference in their lives,” said Laure Donkin, a GSEM staffer. Another GSEM staffer and volunteer troop leader, Toni Dixon, said, “I really enjoy the opportunity to see my daughter grow alongside the other girls in the troop.”

Maybe most importantly, I got to hear directly from our bosses—a group of teenage Girl Scouts from the council, who outlined some major goals they have for our Movement. It’s always great to hear directly from the girls we serve about the vision they have for their Girl Scout experience!

Check out the video to see more. 

Until next time…