Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy National Get Outdoors Day!

It’s National Get Outdoors Day! 

Although we’re advocates for getting outdoors all year long, June 13 is a very special day. Today, Americans across the nation are hopping off their couches and getting outside! Whether through traditional outdoor activities like hiking or camping, or more adventurous pursuits like whitewater rafting, let’s all vow to celebrate this day the right way—in the great outdoors!

Here are five of our favorite ways to get outdoors:

  • A backyard campout with your best friends
  • Visiting your nearest state or national park
  • Planting a tree or starting a garden
  • Hiking a trail
  • Going for a bike ride

Whatever you decide to do, staying inside is not an option! So get outdoors, your body and soul will thank you!