Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Girls Change the World

"Kids should help kids," exclaims Naomi Hamilton, once a Girl Scout Daisy, now a Junior from Girl Scouts Michigan Shore to Shore. Naomi may only be in middle school, but she is also the CEO of Naomi's Neighbors, an official nonprofit organization she founded to support kids in need throughout the Kentwood and greater Grand Rapids area.

Naomi’s Neighbors’ first focus is on education. Naomi loves to learn and wants to make sure every kid gets the same opportunities that she had. She mentors ESL (English as a Second Language) students and teaches them to read, and her mission is to encourage others in the community to join in the effort to get more kids reading. The publisher Scholastic has already donated hundreds of books to Naomi’s cause so more students can have the books they need. She has also enlisted her Girl Scout sisters and fellow classmates to donate school supplies for students who can't afford them.

"There are so many kids that don't even have books at home," Naomi shares. "Every child and adult should be able to read. We need to be there for people in our community. It's contagious--when you help someone in need, then they will help someone in need."

At Girl Scouts we know that every girl has the potential to change the world. That’s why we launched the ToGetHerThere campaign, the largest fundraising campaign for girls in history, to help ensure that girls like Naomi dream big and feel empowered to put their ideas into action to transform their communities.

When you invest in Girl Scouts, you empower girls like Naomi to pursue solutions to challenges they and others face in society. We help girls discover what’s important to them, and we encourage them to connect with others and take action to tackle the issues they are passionate about.

Naomi already has plans to start an after-school activity center. She says that some kids don't have anyone to go home to after school, and she wants them to have a warm, fun place to go to where they can feel safe and encouraged.

Three cheers for this inspiring Girl Scout who truly embodies courage, confidence, and character!