Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Outdoors

Hey dads! It’s your day, and we want you to go out and celebrate BIG with the ones you love. 

Why? Because dads are so cool, and such a special part of a girl’s life. As a father, spending quality time with your daughter is the best gift you can ever give her all year long, and the best gift you can receive in return.

When a girl hangs out with dad, her world opens up. There’s laughter and learning and growth. There’s adventure and there’s FUN, and always a ton of love. And another great thing: you’re learning and growing just as much as she is!

This Father’s Day, we encourage you to take a different approach to celebrating, and get outside with your daughter. Nature is a great backdrop for some grade-A quality time free of distractions like phones, tablets, and TV—so leave all the plugs behind and head out into that life-giving sun with your favorite Girl Scout alongside.

Here are three creative ways to celebrate and strengthen your father-daughter bond this Father’s Day and all summer long: 

Board Game Picnic Party
That’s right—a board game picnic party! Because who doesn’t love board games, snacks, and a nice shady tree to sit beneath? Let’s do it. Pack up some goodies—think sandwiches, fruit, and trail mix—grab three or four of your favorite board games and a blanket, and head outside with your daughter. You can set up in the backyard, or at a local park. (If you’re close enough to walk or bike there, even better!) Play, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company in the warm summer breeze. It’ll be so much fun! Just make sure to put on some sunscreen and drink plenty of water. You might end your special day with a walk around the park (or your backyard) while talking and making sweet memories together.

Field Day for Two
Remember how much you loved field day as a kiddo? Games, a little healthy competition, lots of laugh, and tons of exercise—you can’t go wrong here! And the best part? It all feels like nothing more than good ol’ FUN.

So pull on your thinkin’ cap and plan a field day for two, for you and your daughter—she’s sure to love it! She’ll have fun, she’ll learn more about you and about herself, and she’ll have a great story to tell her friends!

Want to make it extra special? Create T-shirts and hats for the two of you to wear as you play, and bring mom along to keep score. (Maybe the winner gets a cool prize.) You can compete with each other or be on the same team. (Yes, even if it’s just the two of you!)  Whatever you decide, focus on the fun, stay hydrated, and make sure you pack snacks for in between games.

Nature Photo Tour
Kids these days absolutely love to take and share photos. This Father’s Day, grab a couple of smartphones or cameras and head outside with your daughter. Find a great walking or hiking trail to explore and take a bunch of awesome pictures along the way, including selfies, which she’ll love snapping in the great outdoors with her favorite guy!

Maybe there’s a stunning view you want to share with her. Maybe it’s time to pack the car and road-trip it somewhere! Whether you choose to stay close to home or venture farther out, we’re sure there’s a great slice of nature you can find to share. Then when you get back home, you can make a cool slideshow or collage of everything you saw, and show the whole family. AWESOME.

For more on the importance of getting outdoors and sharing special moments with your daughter, check out a video featuring girls and dads talking about what they love most about spending time together.

We hope you’re able to get outside this Sunday and have a beyond-words-wonderful time together. Happy Father’s Day!