Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day: Celebrating the Purest Gift of Life and Service

mothers day volunteers

Today is a super special Sunday.

It’s a day to cherish and really sing the praises of the many boo-boo-healing, problem-solving, words-of-wisdom-sharing, best-hugs-ever-giving, life-transforming, can-make-anything-better-with-a-kiss, never-let-you-down super moms that honor us with their immeasurable love and devotion every day—and serve as a powerful driving force at the very core of our Girl Scout Movement, too!

So cheers to you, moms of the world, for giving our precious children (girls and boys alike!) the care and attention they need to feel loved, to grow into confidence, to become leaders, and to change the world. And let’s also raise our glasses to the sisters and brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins, friends, and single dads who selflessly give of their love and affection in parenting children, offering them a safe place of belonging where they can be happy and flourish.

A hearty thanks to all the moms, in their many, beautiful forms, who drive girls to troop meetings, who volunteer with us, who help girls rock their cookie seasons, who encourage awesomeness at every turn, and who cheer “her” on through her every adventure. Thank you to the moms who keep our Movement for girls going strong and brimming with enthusiasm, possibility, and resilience. Thank you for shining with us and for us. Thank you for being her first best friend, her first teacher, her first role model—for setting the bar so awesomely high for our organization, as we strive to provide nothing less than exceptional service and heart. It is our absolute pleasure to pour ourselves into meeting those expectations every day and through every interaction.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful, energizing Sunday and a very, very happy Mother’s Day! Always remember: you are incredible. You are extraordinary. And you are APPRECIATED.