Thursday, May 7, 2015

Guest Blogger: Girl Scout Ambassador Meets US Ambassador Samantha Power

Today's guest blog post comes from Giselle, a 16-year-old Girl Scout Ambassador who had the incredible opportunity to attend the Leadership Roundtable at the United Nations. Read how her experience meeting a US Ambassador changed her life forever.

Last week, I had the experience of a lifetime, as I got to attend the “Leadership Roundtable” at the United Nations with US Ambassador Samantha Power. Ambassador Power is an amazing woman. She’s poised and powerful, yet kind, open, and down to earth. She’s also very willing to answer questions about her job and her role as America’s ambassador to the world. It was an eye-opening experience that taught me new things about what an ambassador does day to day. And some of her answers were surprising!  

For instance, a young boy sitting next to me asked her what the biggest challenge of her job was. Without hesitation, she responded “Syria.” Her response truly showed me just how critical the situation in Syria had become. Hearing interviews from newscasts about Syria simply does not have the same impact as hearing directly from Ambassador Power about the challenges facing that part of the world. While the news presents information in a very general and abstract way, Ambassador Power helped me see how difficult the situation really is; and she gave me hope by communicating that there are many people working hard to bring peace to an unstable region of our world.  

I was one of the lucky ones who got to ask the ambassador a question, and her answer also took me by surprise. I asked, "Do you ever feel disrespected when having to negotiate or make peace with other countries because you are a woman?” While she acknowledged that sometimes attitudes toward women around the world are not as respectful as they should be, she said that she has never herself felt disrespected. I was happy to hear this, because it shows that working women are starting to become respected and treated equally to men. If more women are put in positions of power, I believe the overall treatment of women worldwide can also improve.

I am thankful for women like Ambassador Power. She balances raising her children with her service to our country—two very large responsibilities! It was an incredible honor to meet her.