Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Laugh a Little or A Lot. It’s National Humor Month!

Did you know April is National Humor Month? A giggle so great it makes your belly ache does the soul good any day, but this month make a little extra room in your life for some hearty, first-class, fill-your-heart-with-joy laughter. Started in 1976 by comedian and author Larry Wilde, National Humor Month is a celebration of the healing power that humor, joy, and laughter can have on our lives.

Here are three ways you can use humor to lighten your load. 

Learn to laugh at yourself!
Sounds weird right? It isn’t! Being able to laugh at yourself (we all have our silly moments!) can be super freeing. It helps us not to take ourselves and life so seriously all the time
—because we all know that can be exhausting! So don’t sweat the small stuff, loosen up a little, and don’t be scared to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

Cheer up a friend with a joke!
There’s no cure for a bad day quite like a good laugh. Use your judgment and make sure you sweep in at an appropriate time, but don’t be afraid to use a little humor to help a friend see the lighter side of life. They will feel much better for it, and you will too!

Start your day with a laugh.
Looking for a way to set up your day for success? Make it a habit to read one joke online every morning before you leave the house—call it your humor meditation! It will help you loosen up, de-stress, and focus on the less-complicated things in life. It’ll also put you in the right mood to attack your day like a rock star! 

Now go out, put those stomach muscles to good use, and have yourself a turn-your-day-right-side-up-again laugh this month, next month, and always! And remember, there’s a lot of power in choosing to be positive and smile even in the face of a challenge. That’s why at Girl Scouts, girls can earn a Science of Happiness badge that encourages them to analyze and find ways to increase their own happiness. How awesome is that?

Whether you’re a girl or an adult, we encourage you to take our Science of Happiness Quiz to get you started down a path to more smiles and more laughs today!