Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thin Mint Cookies—Separated at Birth?!

Reported by Kelly M. Parisi

Kelly M. Parisi, Chief Communications Executive by day and Thin Mint lover by night. She coined the phrase #ThinMintsAreMyJam and keeps her ear to the internet for the latest cookie gossip. Follow her on Twitter for updates: @KellyMParisi

Thin Mints have always walked through life sure that they were the only ones satisfying the chocolate mint cravings of Girl Scout Cookie customers around the world. Today, though, that dream has been shattered as media outlets report that the two Girl Scout Cookie bakers have been cranking out two different versions of the minty chocolatey treats we all love.

That’s right. Two different Thin Mints! Delivering a slightly different but still awesome mint chocolate taste!

Needless to say, feelings were hurt. The initial meetings between the two cookie dynamos were rocky. And yes—cookies were crumbling. 

As of now, both Thin Mint and Thin Mint are in talks to embrace their differences. They were last spotted at Girl Scouts’ central office in deep conversation over a tall glass of milk. Though there has been no official word from the rep of either Thin Mint, cookie customers can rest assured that the chocolate and mint treats will always be committed to satisfying the public's craving for delicious cookies.