Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spotlight on a Girl Scout: Kayleigh from Wisconsin-Badgerland Council

Girl Scout Cookie Season is still underway in many communities, let’s take a moment to learn more about the good the Girl Scouts do for their local community.

Sometimes a chance meeting can alter your perspective on the world or people in general.  For Kayleigh, a 3-year veteran of the Girl Scouts, she was moved to help a special group of people.  She met a few soldiers who had just returned home from Afghanistan, and they recounted to her how the toughest things about serving in the military is the homesickness and, in some cases, feeling unappreciated.  Kayleigh immediately knew she had to lift the spirits of our servicemen and women, and went straight to her troop to brainstorm ideas.

After much deliberation, Kayleigh and her troop developed a project called Hearts from Home, and decided to create care packages to donate to soldiers stationed overseas.  Kayleigh personally visited 56 businesses to sell cookies, but went even one step further and found a new way to sell the cookies.

Kayleigh’s mom and troop leader, Deborah, said, “Our approach to the cookie sale was to truly embrace what it means to be a Girl Scout. We let the cookies sell themselves and, instead, sold what it meant to be a Girl Scout...helping load groceries, telling everyone to have a nice day, thanking them for supporting Girl Scouts, congratulating other Girl Scouts on a great job...just simply paying it forward!  We know the cookies will sell themselves as long as we show the world what it means to be a Girl Scout.”

When all was said and done, Kayleigh and her troop worked tirelessly to assemble the packages, filled to the brim with books, puzzles, cards, and of course, Girl Scout Cookies.  The girls “adopted” 50 troop companies stationed at bases throughout Afghanistan and shipped the packages out.

Now there’s a lesson in community service!

So, when you head out to a cookie booth in your community this weekend, be sure to ask the girls what they do with their cookie money.  Because, oh, what a girl can do!