Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spotlight on a Cadette for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is a time for cookie lovers everywhere to learn more about the good the Girl Scouts do for their local community.  This year, we’re happy to share just a few of those exceptional stories with you.

Having been in Girl Scouts for four years, Sidney could tell you a thing or two about selling cookies.  So when she noticed that people avoided purchasing cookies, she found a new way to keep them interested and engaged.  For every sale that Sidney made, she’d ask, “Would you like to donate a box to the military?”  And, unsurprisingly, people kept saying yes.  She took those 296 boxes of donated cookies and sent them directly to the USS Theodore Roosevelt operations department, after meeting a former sailor at a cookie booth.

But Sidney didn’t stop there.  Even after they donated those extra boxes to the military, she and her troop were able to donate over $750 worth of much needed items to a local humane society, and a total of 320 volunteer hours.

So, when you head out to a cookie booth in your community this weekend, be sure to ask the girls what they do with their cookie money.  Because, oh, what a girl can do!