Monday, March 23, 2015

One Girl, Major Impact

When you invest in girls, they change the world! Just look at Jamielee Bueneman, a Girl Scout from Eastern Missouri. For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Jamielee designed prototypes, gathered materials, and drafted plans to construct a residential-scale wind turbine.

“In order to meet the growing energy consumption of the technology-savvy world, we need to promote new sources of energy,” she said. “If students of our generation become informed and call for a change, the future of cleaner energy may soon be here.”

During the many months she spent on the project, Jamielee followed scientific procedure and the engineering design process to devise the project, collect data, and construct the wind turbine. She shared her research at the Mastodon Regional Science and Art Fair, the largest fair of its kind in the country. And she not only competed at two international science fairs, she also gave a presentation to fourth-graders about wind energy, which enabled her project to reach an even wider audience.

“When I witnessed them realizing they could make a difference as students, I was thrilled to have been able to ignite that thought process in these young scientists,” she said. “I hope my message on renewable energy will continue to spread, exposing more citizens to the benefits of renewable energy.”

Thanks to our investors, Girl Scouts continues to be a place where girls like Jamielee are encouraged to explore creative solutions to local and even global problems. Each of our funders has joined with Girl Scouts as a part of the ToGetHerThere campaign, the largest fundraising campaign for girls in history, because they know that when girls succeed, so does society.