Monday, March 30, 2015

Guest Post: Girl Scout Lauren Prox Shares White House Experience

Guest Post from Lauren Prox, a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient from Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, whose project “Reaching New Altitudes” aims to reverse the small percentage of minorities and females participating in the fields of aviation and STEM. Lauren participated in the White House Science Fair last week.

I have had an amazing journey in Girl Scouts. I have met some exceptional women and accomplished things I never dreamed I would do. Going to the White House to share my Gold Award story at the White House Science Fair was one of those - I can’t believe I’m here - moments. I was also very excited to become an inspiration to youth across the nation because I want to show them just how wonderful and full of prospect the field of STEM truly is.

Upon arriving to the White House’s 5th Annual Science Fair, I couldn't wait to see the various projects that students from across the nation were eager to share. Not only did I get to talk about my project with some pretty important people. I saw projects that were as complex as creating a safer, artificial spine for scoliosis patients. I also learned of projects that solved everyday problems that people face. One of these projects was an innovative pill bottle that helps patients remember to take medications. After viewing these projects, I joined the rest of the White House guests and sat in attendance to a speech given by President Obama. He talked about some of his favorite projects including the page-turner that my fellow Girl Scouts, the Super Girls, designed to help people with disabilities read. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the caliber of the projects that my peers presented.

After the Science Fair ended, I attended a round-table discussion hosted by Vice President Joe Biden and his colleagues. While there, I got to talk about my Gold Award Project and my passions for STEM. I can’t even put into words how amazing I felt when I first entered the room that our discussion was held in. This excitement was due to the fact that my place-card was in between Vice President Biden’s seat and Astronaut Leland Melvin’s seat. Just to be sitting between these two phenomenal leaders in STEM was phenomenal. I learned a great deal from them and our other guest speakers as well as my peers.

I hope that I've been able to inspire more girls to consider STEM. I know doing my Gold Award and having a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being part of the White House Science Fair, has inspired me to do more in STEM. This summer, I’m planning on volunteering with my council as a Techbridge volunteer and learning about, and teaching others, about circuitry. I’ll be able to do workshops very similar to what I did for my Gold Award with girls at camp.

My Girl Scout adventure isn't ending, just growing!