Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calling on Girl Scouts to Build Effort to Expand Educational Opportunity for All Kids

Girl Scouts have always shown a commitment to service. It will take an expansive and committed network of individuals to provide truly equal opportunity to all students, particularly those growing up in low income communities. Right now, the playing field is not level. Students growing up in low income communities aren’t getting comparable opportunities to students growing up in higher income communities. We’re calling on the Girl Scouts network to help level the playing field for all students.

In the same way it will take an expansive network of individuals working to address issues in education, we also see the need for an array of organizations and institutions working together to make public education work for all kids. Teach For America (TFA) is one of the many organizations committed to service and to partnering with the education community to expand educational opportunities for students in low income communities. TFA is experiencing unprecedented demand for their teachers across the country, and is calling on the Girl Scouts community to help. Refer someone you know who could make an impact in a high need classroom. TFA is seeking applications from individuals who are committed to service, like Girl Scouts alumnae, troop leaders, and parents, who will teach for two years in a high need setting and work toward equal opportunity for many years to come.