Monday, December 1, 2014

Best Internet Reactions to the Announcement of Girl Scouts’ Digital Cookie Platform

On Monday, December 1, 2014, Girl Scouts of the USA blew up the news cycle with their announcement of what we can all consider the ultimate game changer: Digital Cookie.

Dominating national headlines and trending topics lists, Girl Scouts and their millions of #cookiebosses added a whole new meaning to “breaking the Internet” this morning as they climbed their way to the top of Facebook’s Trending Topic board:

The cheerful sounds of Christmas music and the holiday gift shopping rush were immediately silenced by the joyful noise of millions of Girl Scout Cookie-lovers rejoicing around the world. Cookie season starts for most cities in January, and it’s safe to say that the Internet is more ready than ever, judging from the following list of the best Internet reactions to the announcement of Digital Cookie:

  1. “This old grannie” is tired of her cookie cravings needing a long-distance fix:
  2. This woman suddenly found the meaning of life:
  3. This guy cares about the lives of others… (We’re retweeting a million times):
  4. …which makes sense, as many feel they’re in “danger”:
  5. We won’t say it… but we all know what’s REALLY about to happen:
  6. And while our Girl Scout Cookie Program helps build tomorrow’s business leaders, others see darker forces at work…

  7. But most cookie customers get it, like this guy who may or may not be ordering a year’s supply of Thin Mints…
  8. …and this woman who will never need another box of Samoas again:
  9. Girl Scouts aren’t the only ones with bright futures… Digital Cookie has inspired total career changes:
  10. But most importantly, Saturday Night Live’s writers will never be fed up with Girl Scouts again. You’re welcome, Seth Myers and John Mulaney.
The bottom line? The largest girl-led business in the world just kicked it up a notch. In addition to the 5 Skills the girls learn while they earn money from cookie sales—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—they’ll now be mastering eCommerce and online marketing. You get your Girl Scout Cookie fix, she becomes the youngest CEO of her own cookie biz. We all win!

*Are you anxious to get your hands on Girl Scout Cookies? Visit to see when sales start in your area.