Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Code. Inspire. Make the World a Better Place.

International Day of the Girl is all about improving girls’ lives by providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.

In honor of this movement, Girl Scouts urges you and your girl to challenge yourselves, push boundaries, and look at the world with new eyes by exploring the world of coding. We live in a digital age in which many of the problems our society faces can be addressed and even fixed with code. And you can be part of the solutions!

You don’t need to be a trained programmer or mathematician to make things with code. In fact, there are tons of fun and creative activities you can try right now to uncover your hidden talents. 

At the Made With Code website, you can make a beat, accessorize a selfie, create a kaleidoscope, or design an avatar.  But Made With Code is about so much more than just fun and games: the coding skills you learn today can be the beginning of YOUR journey to doing something big to make a difference in the world, or solve a problem you care deeply about.

Code can help you make:
  •   Secure databases to record human rights abuses.
  • Online petition software that can instantly collect signatures about urgent causes.
  • Location devices to keep relief workers and separated families connected during disasters.
  • Microfinance websites that help fight poverty by providing loans to low-income people in developing countries.

You see? Coding for a better world all begins with YOU! Start the fun now. Don't forget to share your vision for a better world for girls on social media using #IDG2014.