Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Tips for a Fit Fall

The weather’s starting to change, and that means our daily routines soon will, too. But who says that the end of summer has to mean the end of staying fit? In fact, finding ways to stay healthy in the fall is one of the most exciting parts of the season… right? If you’re having the “so long, summer” blues, allow us to provide a pick-me-up with these five fabulous ways to stay fit this fall.

  •  Eat seasonal. Sweet potatoes, apples, and squash… oh my! Fall doesn’t just signify the changing of the leaves; your plate changes, too! Take advantage of the fruits and vegetables that we all love during the fall months and create meals that make being healthy in the fall fun.
  •  Switch up your workout routine. Cooler weather doesn’t mean the outdoors is no longer your friend. In fact, that’s when the fun begins! After-school group activities such as flag football or running with the cross-country team are great ways to stay active, and with group workouts, you’re never alone.
  • Walk or bike to your next outing. Does your troop have an outing at the local skating rink? Or maybe this weekend’s activity takes place at the neighborhood park? If you’d usually drive or get a ride to these events, opt for a more physical mode of transportation and ride your bike. If you’re younger, have your parent or guardian accompany you. Make it a family affair!
  • Take troop activities outdoors. Working on your next badge? Brainstorm ways to get active as you earn it! For example, if the Car Care badge is next on your list, switch it up: instead of shadowing a local mechanic, why not host your own neighborhood car wash? You’ll be outdoors, putting those muscles to good use and doing good for your community members. Can’t beat that!
  •  Create fun, healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks. If PB&J is a troop favorite, try switching out the white bread for your favorite rice cakes. You get the same great flavor and more crunch with each bite—and they’re certainly more fun to make! If the crowd is all about pizza, make it a fun-filled night with a homemade pizza party, minus the extra junk that often comes with ordering in. Get creative—there are healthy alternatives to nearly every snack or meal!

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