Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When our 2.3 million girl bosses speak—we listen.

As the world’s largest girl-led organization, Girl Scouts of the USA reports to 2.3 million girl bosses—and we go where girls lead us!

And girls lead us to some amazing collaborations with a host of organizations, like Dove, whose Free Being Me campaign empowers girls to challenge beauty stereotypes, and Dell, who we partnered with to close the technology gap and inspire more girls to explore STEM-related fields.

Another relationship we’ve forged is with Mattel. As the experts on girls and girl leadership development, we know young girls cannot be what they cannot see, which is why this relationship emphasizes career exploration. At Girl Scouts, we encourage girls to be whatever they want to be—from CEO of the world’s largest company to CEO of their families.

Three Barbie dolls are sold in the U.S. every second, so the Girl Scout-inspired doll is an invaluable communication tool that will allow our organization to reach millions of girls—members and non-members alike—with the message that they can be anything and do everything. We know that girls love to play with dolls—particularly Barbie dolls. In fact, Girl Scout members—forever having fun—are 20 percent more likely to be avid doll owners than non-member girls, with a full 77 percent of girls playing with dolls at least weekly.

And research shows that the Girl Scout-inspired doll—one aspect of our collaboration with Mattel—is a win with both girls and moms.

Girls associate the doll with hiking and the outdoors, selling cookies, and helping others, all of which are fun experiences firmly rooted in the Girl Scout mission. For over 100 years, Girl Scout programming has inspired over 59 million girls to explore new opportunities in a fun way, which is exactly what the Girl Scout-inspired doll is designed to do.

In fact, 83 percent of moms believe the Girl Scout-inspired doll will encourage their daughters to explore new opportunities, and 77 percent of moms believe the doll will help their daughters feel good about themselves.

We are Girl Scouts. We report to 2.3 million girl bosses. And when our bosses speak, we listen.