Thursday, January 9, 2014

Girl Scouts is a Voice for all Girls

As the world’s largest leadership organization for girls, with 59 million alumnae, Girl Scouts is constantly striving to engage our broad base of supporters around issues affecting women and girls today. One of the central goals of our organization is guaranteeing that all girls live in a world where they can make their voices heard and participate in discussions that affect them.

In December 2013, as year-end lists were popping up in media, Girl Scouts of the USA encouraged our followers on Twitter to speak up and share their opinions on which women should be celebrated. We sent out an auto-populated tweet (via Huffington Post) that linked to a HuffPost story featuring a video discussion of a few female media pundits’ choices for “woman of the year.” We wanted to broaden this discussion by taking the question to our Twitter followers: who would be their choice? Oftentimes, remarkable women do not receive the recognition they deserve, and we are always looking to shine a light on outstanding women and girls who make the world a better place, from the CEOs of small businesses to the CEOs of families.

Regarding our tweet, Girl Scouts did not endorse any person or point-of-view. We will continue to engage with our audience and invite respectful discourse around our core initiatives. As our methods of communication evolve with technology, the mission of Girl Scouts remains the same: to continue building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.