Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrating Halloween and Founder's Day!

Today is a special day—a time to think about who we would like to be, let our imaginations run wild, and turn those dreams into a reality. On this one day, we can truly transform ourselves into something different—something bigger, bolder, and more daring than we ever thought possible.

Of course, for Girl Scouts across the country, today is also Founder’s Day—the 153rd birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, who started the Girl Scout Movement in 1912. It’s fitting that Juliette’s birthday coincides with the most creative, imaginative, and fun day of the year. She was the original visionary: someone who dreamed about what was possible and took action to bring her vision to life.

Juliette started the Girl Scout Movement at a time when the idea of a girls’ leadership organization was as silly as the idea of seeing a ghost. Before women could legally vote, and before many women were able to own property or even work outside the home, Juliette envisioned a movement that would inspire girls to believe in their abilities, develop leadership skills, and gain the courage, confidence, and character to make their world a better place.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of Juliette’s world—the world Girl Scouting was born into!

Today, Juliette’s incredible vision lives on as the Girl Scout Movement, and her impact on the world can be seen every day in the girls we help develop into tomorrow’s leaders. Juliette would be so proud of today’s Girl Scouts and the innovative ways we continue to reimagine our Movement.

So on this special day, Girl Scouts everywhere say happy birthday to this remarkable woman who created our Movement. We can honor her memory and celebrate her birthday by imagining who we want to be, today and in the future, and by working every day to turn our dreams into a reality.

Have a fun, safe, and imaginative Halloween!