Thursday, June 6, 2013

Button Bay State Park Buttons Mystery Solved

Vermont State Parks Blog reports that in 1962, the International Girl Scout Roundup took place in what is now Button Bay State Park in Vergennes. That event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Girl Scout organization. Over 10,000 Girl Scouts participated.

There is a twist.

“Of course you know that state park rules forbid the removal of any item from the park, including the Button Bay buttons, clay deposits formed over time on the floor of the lake,” according to the article. “The Girl Scout Roundup in 1962 preceded the formation of the park, so the collecting did not break any rules.  However, a box full of buttons arrived recently at State Park headquarters from a Girl Scout in Ohio who has been feeling guilty about the buttons in her possession.”

The returned buttons will become part of a special display in the Button Bay Nature Center celebrating the story of the 1962 Girl Scout Roundup.