Saturday, June 15, 2013

Alaska Girl Scouts to Tour Hawaii

Congratulations to Girl Scout troop 4026!  As featured in Juneau Empire, the troop, based in  Alaska is off to Kauai, Hawaii on a 10-day field trip that they sponsored themselves.   Four years of hard work has paid off for this group of exceptional girls.

Each year, a portion of the Girl Scout cookie money they earn they get to put aside and decide as a group how they want to use.  After three years of saving, the troop leader Melanie Coleman, and co-leader Tina Strong asked the rest of the troop where they would choose to go with the money had saved. Hawaii was the unanimous answer.

The girls took on many fundraising projects to meet their goal, including bake sales, cookie sales, babysitting and events such as the clean-up at the Chapel by the Lake, litter free trash pickup sponsored by John Logan, CPA, and  helping run the annual overnight field house event to name a few.  They even made and sold their own hand-stitched ski hats, pajama pants and other hand-made products.

The girls will snorkel, explore and hike the surrounding countryside of Kauai, Hawaii, while staying in a villa overlooking Anini Beach. One of their goals is to also meet up with their sister scouts who live on the island.

The adventures don’t stop there however, as the troop plans to travel to Europe and visit the historical sites Pax Lodge in London and Our Chalet in Switzerland, which also serve as two of the Girl Scouts world headquarters. This motivation comes from watching their fellow troop 4009 of Juneau travel to these locations after they graduated High School.

Girl scouts Sierra, Allyson, Janae, Laurel, Ashleigh and Kristen, who are on the trip, are great examples of what wonderful things you can do when you apply the Girl Scout values of strength and perseverance to make your dreams come true!