Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!

Guest Post: A Message from Anna Maria Chávez

A special message from Anna Maria Chávez, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

Today is Mother’s Day; a day when we pause to honor and give thanks to the all the amazing women who, through their patience, guidance, and infinite capacity for love and nurture, instill the values that inform our entire lives.

Mothers are a reservoir of love and compassion for girls and boys alike – there’s no wound she can’t heal with a kiss and a band-aid, no joy that can’t be sweetened by her embrace, no despair that can’t be softened by her love.

Of course, mothers are an invaluable part of the Girl Scout experience.  Mothers are the original role models – the ones who set the earliest example for young girls about leadership.  Whether she serves as a troop leader, volunteer or cookie mom, the incredible mother who gives freely of her time to help develop the next generation of female leaders is truly the life blood of our Movement.  

As a Girl Scout and a mother myself, I know firsthand the impact my own mother had on my Girl Scout journey, and I know the feeling of boundless love and joy that comes from being a mom.  So take a moment today to give thanks to the wonderful women in your life who taught you to enjoy and cherish every moment.

A very happy Mother’s Day to the moms who make our Movement and our world a better place.