Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girl Scouts 2013 National Young Women of Distinction: Jamila

The victims of civil war in Uganda might be far away, but this Florida Girl Scout took her fight to help improve the situation there to Congress as part of her Gold Award project. Check out a video about Jamila, a 2013 National Young Woman of Distinction, below!

In seventh grade, Jamila was introduced to Invisible Children Organization and wanted to raise awareness about the youth of war torn Northern Uganda and bring to light the heinous crimes of Dictator Joseph Kony and the need for education and rebuilding of Uganda. Working in partnership with the Invisible Children, Jamila started the Global Outreach Club that brought to light the Invisible Children to local school peers. She held Roots for Peace Festival. Proceeds went to purchase education supplies for sister schools. Jamila showed documentary films to peers and worked to feature a student guest speaker from Uganda. Finally, Jamila advocated with local legislators about the importance of the Invisible Children Organization and their work. She established a committee and worked with her Inter Club Council to ensure that participation will continue.