Monday, March 18, 2013

Guest Post: A Message from Anna Maria Chávez

A special message from Anna Maria Chávez, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

As you probably know, March is Women’s History Month around the world; a month where we pause to reflect on the many contributions women have made to society.

From Marie Curie’s groundbreaking work on radioactivity; to Margaret Thatcher’s history making turn as Prime Minister of Great Britain; to Susan B. Anthony’s tireless campaign for gender equality in the United States; to our very own founder, Juliette Gordon Low; bold, determined women have been at the forefront of the most significant achievements throughout history.

Today, I was privileged to be joined at the White House by a remarkable woman from amongst our own ranks: Marjorie Crawford-Dunn, Assistant Director of Membership Credentials at GSUSA, whose passion for and dedication to our Movement spans 27 years. Together, we traveled to Washington to represent the Girl Scout Movement on this special day, and to meet the President and First Lady Michelle Obama at an event held in celebration of women’s history.

We also made stops to visit the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of American History, to view the exhibit set up in honor of the Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary.  Throughout the day, I reflected on Marjorie’s amazing story of dedication to our Movement, and the touching letter she sent me describing the impact that Girl Scouting has made in her own life and the life of girls across our nation.

For 101 years, we have ridden an incredible wave of inspiration and commitment to serving girls, thanks to the hard work of people like Marjorie and everyone in our Movement.  We have been an indelible part of the history celebrated today by the President of the United States: the history of women in America and across the world, who, through their vision, their willingness to speak out and their determination to be heard, helped make our world a better place.