Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Define Perfect: Spotlight on a Gold Award Project

For Courtney Shelton’s Gold Award project, she decided to initiate a positive-image boosting internet movement aimed at highlighting the perfection in others so they may see it in themselves. Courtney’s mission is to redefine perfect.

From her blog, Define Perfect:
“The problem that I want to tackle in the world? People who feel the need to fit molds created for them by society, the people they associate with, or themselves. I want to redefine the word “perfect” so that instead of being some unattainable label, it is something that people can use to describe things that may not be flawless but are exactly the way they should be.”
Not only is Define Perfect an active blog and Facebook Community, Courtney is also spreading the word on Twitter via #defineperfect @defperfect and #defineperfect on Instagram.
“My intention is to get people involved with something that will make them feel more positive about themselves,” says Shelton. “Not everyone who has bad days needs to be part of a rehab center or some sort of online group that sends them encouraging and cheesy emails… I want people to see the cheesiness for themselves, in real life. The goal: That everyone receives a compliment every day.”
There is much more to Define Perfect that is worth checking out, including a built in measure of success. Also very impressive is Shelton’s intent to target everyone, “every demographic. Girls and boys. Young and old.” Definitely check it out!