Friday, October 19, 2012

Anna Maria Chávez Addresses Crowd in Delaware

Girl Scouts of the USA's CEO Anna Maria Chávez recently visited Wilmington, DE, as part Girl Scout's 100th anniversary celebrations. Chávez spoke at the Wilmington Rotary Club meeting at the Hotel duPont about the evolution of the Girl Scout organization and the importance of creating leadership opportunities for women. 

According to WDEL News Talk Radio, Chávez pointed out that "while three in five girls think that women can rise in a company or organization, they believe that they will only rarely get the opportunity to be promoted to the top post."

She says the U.S. can't thrive if it ignores the ideas of half the population.

Anna Maria Chávez will soon be celebrating her first year as Girl Scouts of the USA's CEO. What a truly exciting year it has been!