Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girls Scouts Create Outdoor Library at Otsego Elementary

New York's Half Hollows Hills Patch reports that Junior Girls Scouts from Suffolk County Troop 708 are avid readers. In the spring of 2012, as the weather was turning nice out and discussions began on the theme for their Bronze Award project, they quickly remembered a conversation from the year before with their Otsego Elementary School librarian.

Mrs. Castiglia had shared with the girls that she always wished to have an outdoor reading area as an extension to the school library.

In laying out their plan, the girls met with Mrs. Castiglia to gain better understanding of her vision. “When the Girl Scouts came to me and said they wanted to fulfill my dream of having an outdoor reading area, my heart was so touched. I love spending time reading with my classes. There are some days when the weather is perfect to sit outside,” she shared.

After the meeting the Girl Scouts submitted a proposal to the school administration for approval. Letters were also written to local nurseries and donations were made by Basics Landscaping, Campanelli’s and Angel Plants.

Sit-upons were crafted and placed in decorated storage boxes that could easily be transported in and out of the building for safe keeping. A custom chair for Mrs. Castiglia was created. The Otsego Outdoor Library is now completed with a garden filled with planters and seasonal flowers.

“I feel so lucky to have wonderful, thoughtful and hard-working students,” states Mrs. Casttiglia. “Otsego will greatly benefit for all their hard work.”