Friday, September 28, 2012

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Honors 100 Women of Influence

In Toledo, OH, WNWO TV reports that Girl Scouts of Western Ohio paid tribute to 100 local leaders Thursday for their contributions and influence to the organization.

The awards reception took place at Owens Corning Headquarters in downtown Toledo. The event coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the USA. Honorees were nominated in the categories of Trailblazers, Advocates, Leaders of Promise, and Honor Keepers. The distinguished 100 were selected based on how they exemplify leadership, diversity, and spirit of the Girl Scout Movement.

Honoree Kristine Hoffman said, "It's been a great long-term experience for me with the Girl Scouts." Hoffman, who has served on the Girl Scouts Board of Trustees for 15 years, added, "Tonight is just a wonderful celebration of a hundred women who have all made a difference in one way or another in our community." 

CEO for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Roni Luckenbill offered statistics to highlight the reach of the Girl Scouts. "Eighty percent of female business owners in the United States were Girl Scouts," she exclaimed. Luckenbill continued, "One hundred percent, every female astronaut, who has ever flown in space, was a Girl Scout."