Thursday, September 20, 2012

Centennial on the Concho Canoe Race a Hit in Texas

In Texas, the San Angelo Standard-Times reports that canoes, paddles, and life jackets were just a few of the ingredients for the recipe to this year's Girl Scout canoe race.

One of the Girl Scouts' centennial celebrations this year, the race was dubbed "Centennial on the Concho," and included a duck-themed festival in addition to the regular canoe race activities. Decorating ducks, a Nerf duck shoot and duck regatta races were some of the events that peppered the open field beside the park, as racers were preparing to paddle on the river.

This was the 22nd year the canoe races have been held in San Angelo, and the third year the Boy Scouts have participated in the canoe races. The partnership is one Rick Reeve, head scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts, and James Pidgeon, community development executive-west for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, believe adds to the success of the event.

"If it wasn't for their being a part of it, it wouldn't have been the success that it was," Pidgeon said. "It was nice to see them there."

The canoe races serve several purposes for the Girl Scouts, reaching more audience than a typical Girl Scout event.

"This kind of event is very unique," said Angie McFarland, fund development director for GSCTX. "It's a fundraising event, a program event, for Girl Scouts and a community service event for the different organizations that come out to help. We work with others in the community while raising awareness for the Girl Scouts."

Fifteen heats made up of girls partnering with each other in the races, as well as other community organizations and business sponsors, helped teach the girls the importance of working together in a friendly competition.

"One of the things Girl Scouts has to do if they're going to remain successful is maintain a presence in the community," said Lolis Garcia-Baab, director of marketing and communication for Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

"In order to serve every girl, everywhere, we have to stay connected to the community, and keep our profile out there."