Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Obamas on Women and Leadership in Ladies Home Journal

Ladies' Home Journal Editor-in-Chief Sally Lee sat down with President and First Lady Obama to talk about how women can step up and take charge. Lee asks, "How can we get more women to be leaders, whether in Washington or on their home turf?"
"We have to start with them while they're young and instill in girls a sense of confidence," states First Lady Obama. "That's why sports are so important. They teach you how to compete -- how to fall down and get back up. And there are organizations like the Girl Scouts: They nurture self-confidence and give girls the chance to practice being in charge. We've got to give young women the opportunities to be leaders."
On the same question, President Obama answers,
"It's easier for boys to imagine themselves being President. They see themselves as being in charge. Girls are socialized to think about other people more. I want Malia and Sasha to feel confident about expressing their opinions. And if they're good at something I want them to have the confidence to step up and shine. I don't want them to lose their empathy and stop thinking about other people, because that's an important part of leadership, too. But I don't want them to be wallflowers."