Monday, July 16, 2012

Missoula Landmark Goes Green for Girl Scouts 100th

In Montana, Girl Scouts dressed in green, hiked up the Mount Sentinel trail Friday to commemorate the organization’s 100th birthday.

The Missoulian reports that the “Eclipse of the ‘M,’ ” took place as Girl Scouts in green shirts sat on the ‘M’ and laid out green tarps to create an eclipse effect on the white surface before the weekend’s “Journey Through Girl-Scouting Camp Out.”

The campout was a two-night stay at Fort Missoula with more than 250 Girl Scouts from Montana and Wyoming as part of an ongoing celebration of the organization’s 100th anniversary.

Helena Troop Leader Tolly Patten explained the history-based trips while standing next to a Helena pickup truck overflowing with pink and purple luggage at the base of Mount Sentinel.

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming started their 100th birthday activities in Helena in November. The theme of that trip was the early 1900s, so girls spent the days learning to spin wool and churn butter. In January, they headed to Casper, Wyo., for a Depression era-themed trip. Then in April, the scouts made tie-dyed T-shirts and listened to rock n’ roll in Cody as part of the 1950s-’70s theme. The trip to Missoula this weekend will focus on the late 1900s, and contributions to science during that time. In August, they head to Cheyenne for a weekend of modern technology. “It’s going to be a haul to Cheyenne, don’t get me wrong,” Patten said amidst the carfuls of girls she came to Missoula with.

Membership manager for southwestern Montana Dawn McCloney was helping organize the hike up Sentinel. McCloney said the greening-out of the ‘M’ was part of the Girl Scouts’ effort to go green. “Girl Scouts are going green,” McCloney said. “We have a huge initiative nationwide to go green.” While the Scouts hiked, they picked up trash along the way.