Thursday, July 19, 2012

As Top Seller, Girl Scout Kyla Wright Celebrates Business Acumen

Michigan's C and G News reports that when Southfield Senior Girl Scout Kyla Wright, 15, is on a mission to sell cookies, there’s no outlet she won’t pursue.

“Basically, I network with everyone I know. Any mode of communication I’ve pretty much used,” Wright, an incoming freshman at Renaissance High School, said. “It’s kind of like a job.”

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program girls develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

After several years coming in second and third place in the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Cookie Program, Wright finally secured the No. 1 spot in sales this year, out of more than 23,600 local girls.

Chris Keelean, product sales specialist for GSSEM who handles the cookie sales, said that the girls always push each other, and Wright’s achievement is the embodiment of that motivation.

“I think she’s been inspired by some of the other girls who were top sellers when she was younger. She wanted to achieve what they wanted to achieve, and now she has,” Keelean said. “She sets goals, and that’s one of the key things about her.”

Wright, who has been a Girl Scout 10 years now, remembers when she first found a fellow Girl Scout to look up to, just a few years ago, helping her set the goal to continually break her own selling record.

“There were two girls who were always in first and second place, and they were three and four years older than me. The girl who always got the second highest, well we got to know each other on one of our (troop’s) mystery trips and started talking about strategies,” Wright explained. “She gave me tips because she said when she went off to college, she wanted me to have footsteps to follow.”

Wright, along with the other top four sellers in Southeastern Michigan, collectively sold more than 17,000 boxes of cookies, helping to raise more than $8 million for GSSEM this year.

With a successful selling season completed, it’s time for troops across the region to celebrate — Wright’s troop will be heading on a cruise from Florida to Cozumel, Mexico, in less than two weeks.