Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas Treat Sounds Even More Sweet

In Dallas, TX, Pegasus News reports that to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas have commissioned a Fried Samoa Girl Scouts Cookie which they'll serve at the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

Christi Erpillo, an award-winning State Fair vendor, has devised a Samoa wrapped in a wonton skin and fried, then drizzled with chocolate, caramel, and coconut, which she says faithfully recreates the Samoa experience. Take that, Fried Butter.

The Fried Samoa will be part of a major exhibition by the Girl Scouts this year, said Girl Scouts spokeswoman Melanie Cornell. "We're taking over the Hall of State for the entire State Fair and doing a whole Girl Scout experience," she said.

They chose the Samoa as the Girl Scout cookie to fry after a year of debating which would be best.

"Somebody else did a fried Thin Mint in California, but we thought the Samoa made more sense," she said.

Erpillo, who won the Big Tex Best Taste Award in 2009 for her Deep Fried Peaches & Cream, said that the Samoa was always going to be her first choice.

"It is my favorite cookie in the world, bar none," she said. "In March I had to go to the hospital and my husband did not bring me flowers, he did not bring me candy, he brought me a box of Samoas. I love the caramel, I love the coconut."

She said that one of her main objectives when frying the cookie was to preserve the Samoa flavor.

"A lot of times when we’re frying things for the fair, you fry them but you lose the taste of what it is, and it can become gimmicky," she said. "We did not want to make it gimmicky for the Girl Scouts."