Monday, May 14, 2012

Tarrytown Time Capsule Revealed

In New York, The Daily Tarrytown reports that the Girl Scouts of the Tarrytowns dug up a time capsule last week in celebration of the organization’s 100th anniversary.

A small crowd gathered Saturday at Patriot’s Park to commemorate the anniversary and open the time capsule, which was buried during the Girl Scouts’ 75th anniversary. Current and former Girl Scouts joined in song and a candlelighting ceremony to promote the organization and its values. A new time capsule was also assembled for the 125th anniversary.

Former troop leader Helen Andrews praised the Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who started the organization in Georgia in 1912.

“She had the dream to start Girl Scouting for every girl everywhere, and she did,” Andrews said, later encouraging the crowd to “Dedicate ourselves to living the promises and the law during this year and all the years to come.”

Evans said no one had noted exactly where the time capsule had been buried, so Tarrytown Recreation Supervisor Joe Arduino made it his mission to find the box before Saturday's ceremony. The capsule, a teal Tupperware box with tape around its edges, was eventually found.

“Unfortunately, what we didn't count on was rodents, moles, gophers, who knows, but somebody was busy digging and nibbling on the plastic which allowed water to get inside,” Evans said.

Evans and her daughter Gail worked to clean up the capsule and recover what items they could, including photos and memorabilia from camping and canoeing trips, a 25th anniversary balloon and 75th year patch. Junior and Brownie troops also included troop symbols and personal notes.