Monday, May 7, 2012

In Illinois, Mentoring Delivers on the Mission of Girl Scouting

In Illinois, the Rockford Register Star reports that mentoring and learning to mentor play a very important role in the mission of the Girl Scouts of the USA, according to Ann-Marie Soderstrom, public relations manager, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois.

“We have a special mentoring position for volunteers who are interested in mentoring new leaders,” she says. “We also have several leadership awards for girls that address mentoring.”

Girls Scout Cadettes (grades 6-8) may earn a Leadership in Action award by mentoring a Brownie (grade 2-3), in part by sharing a special talent or teaching a skill.

Cadettes may also earn the Cadette Program Aide award by earning the LIA, completing a leadership course and working with younger girls at meetings, day camps or special events.

Scout Seniors (grade 9-10) may earn the Counselor-in-Training award for mentoring younger girls in a camp setting and taking a leadership course on outdoor experiences.

Scout Seniors (grade 9 and up) may earn the Volunteer in Training award for mentoring a Daisy, Brownie, Junior or Cadette group outside of the camp experience, with the help of a mentor volunteer. “This volunteer will help the Senior through training and internship, and the Senior will help the volunteer with the group of girls for the three-to-six month period,” according to the guidelines.

Adult volunteers may apply for a one-year appointment as a New Volunteer Mentor, to provide ongoing support and resources to newly appointed volunteers.