Thursday, April 19, 2012

Geena Davis Supports Report On Positive Images Of Women In Media, as Girl Scout Nets Award at White House Project Gala

Look To The Stars reports that on behalf of the Healthy MEdia: Commission for Positive Images of Women and Girls, commission co-chairs Geena Davis, Academy Award-winning Actor and Founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and Deborah Taylor Tate, former FCC Commissioner, released the commission’s first report.

The Elements of Healthy Media will help define what comprises positive and healthy media – from onscreen images, to increased and diverse roles for women, to healthy and meaningful relationships. These definitions lay the groundwork for the commission’s final recommendations, scheduled for release this fall.

“We are proud to come together to release the Elements of Healthy Media to define what our Healthy MEdia Commission finds to be ‘positive and healthy’ portrayals of women and girls,” said Davis and Tate. “The Healthy MEdia Commission supports efforts to increase the number of female characters in the media and ensure that female roles, images, and portrayal are authentic, balanced and healthy. We thank our partners and commission members for helping to advance the national conversation about how to ensure we are creating a positive media environment for all our children.”

Style 1 Media reports that on April 5th, Geena Davis hosted The White House Project's 10th Annual EPIC Awards Gala. As the premier advocate for advancement of women's leadership across business, government, and society in general, The White House Project honors outstanding accomplishments in Enhancing Perceptions of Women in the Culture (EPIC).

Mattel Girls’ Brands Vice President of U.S. Marketing, Cathy Cline spoke about the more than ten-year partnership between Mattel and The White House Project. Cathy Cline presented the Barbie I Can Be Award to Girl Scouts of Greater New York's Emma Contiguglia, for her outstanding community service. At the age of eleven, the poised and articulate Ms. Contiguglia has earned the Girl Scouts Bronze Award. She regularly volunteers at the ASPCA, writes letters to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and has collected and donated school uniforms for girls in Ecuador and Haiti. This summer she plans to serve hungry kids in her community.