Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Univision Gets to know Anna Maria Chávez

Univision News Tumblr reports that last year, Anna Maria Chávez made history after becoming the first Latina appointed as CEO of the iconic Girl Scouts of the USA.

The Girl Scouts is home to Chávez, who was one herself at the tender age of 10. Raised in the small town of Eloy, Arizona, a young Chávez was the only girl of three in her home. Her Mexican family didn’t know what the Girl Scouts did, but they gave the organization a chance for Chávez, who remembers that time in her life vividly.

“I got to go to Girl Scout camp,” Chávez said. “And for me, growing up, that was a huge thing because we were never allowed to go away from home without parents or cousins or tias, you know, whatever the case may be. And so I got to go with my Girl Scout troop, and it was amazing. I loved it.”

Chávez left Arizona for college at Yale University, and eventually went back to become an attorney. Her professional trajectory since has included positions in President Bill Clinton’s cabinet, with two Arizona governors including now U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, and as a regional director with the Girl Scouts in Texas.

Despite her impressive resume, Chávez says her current position has her living the American dream. “It has been so exciting,” she said. “It’s like being on rollerskates, constantly going.”