Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Honorary Girl Scout Troops Assemble all Across America

In Alaska, Capital City Weekly reports that members of Troop 49, an Honorary Girl Scout Troop comprised of Alaska's female legislators, commissioners and Alaska's First Lady, were recently invited to join with a small group of Juneau Girl Scouts at the Capitol to discuss leadership.

Across the 50 states Girl Scout councils are creating Honorary Girl Scout Troops at their State Houses comprised women state legislators and other women state public officials. This bi-partisan group of women has agreed to work in partnership with Girl Scouts to address those important issues that impact girls in our 2011 Girl Scout State Agenda and to communicate and share with others unique leadership programs we offer girls across the state.

These Honorary Troops will support Girl Scouts in broadening our presence at the State Capitol and be the voice for girls. In many states these troops have already held briefings on healthy living issues such as relational aggression and bullying, promoted the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and highlighted finding from Girl Scout Research Institute research reports. Girl Scout councils in every state are excited to have these women leaders be role models for our girls and help them realize their potential to grow into strong leaders for the future.

Currently there are Honorary Girl Scout Troops at State Capitols:

Alabama, Alaska-Troop 49, Arizona, Colorado-Troop 2012, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia-Troop 1912, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts-Troop Beacon Hill, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York-Troop Empire State, Ohio, Oklahoma-Troop 1912, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina-Troop 1912, Texas, Utah, Virginia-Troop Capitol Square, West Virginia-Troop 1920 and Wisconsin.