Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girl Scouts Leadership Takes to Huffington Post!

Davia Temin, CEO, Temin and Company; First Vice Chair of the Board, Girl Scouts of the USA writes in Huffington Post that "transformation seems to be on the lips of every corporate leader these days: How do we take the organizations that have survived the past decade and ready them for the recovery -- and beyond, they are asking."

Her column titled How Much Is a Girl Worth? Transforming the Girl Scouts at 100 states that "we are making the same journey. Taking a page from business strategy, those of us on the national board, and in senior leadership positions, are working to transform the organization for a new century. We are seeking to create a relevant, powerful, attractive, inclusive organization that can prepare almost 3 million girls with the "courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place."

In a call to action, Anna Maria Chávez, CEO, Girl Scouts USA writes for the Huffington Post that "this year, we're taking our victory lap, but we're also doing something else. We're taking up the leadership mantle by declaring 2012 the Year of the Girl -- the year the country turns its attention to the great talent and hope for the future that girls represent. As part of that, we've launched a cause campaign known as ToGetHerThere, which is designed to bring about balanced leadership across all sectors of society within a single generation by supporting girls and their leadership development."

Chávez states that "the time is now. The world has grown much more competitive and in the years ahead our nation will need all of the talent it can muster. This generation of girls must grow up to be at the leadership table, helping find cures for diseases, developing products, raising healthy and happy families, solving social problems, launching industries and creating jobs."