Thursday, February 23, 2012

Volunteers Chip in at Girl Scout Cookie Drop, More Volunteers Always Needed

The State Hornet, the voice of Sacramento State reports that more than 400 volunteers, including staff, alumni and students from Sacramento State, helped distribute more than one million packages of Girl Scouts cookies to local troops. Adult volunteers picked up the cookies to deliver to their Girl Scouts, who will then deliver boxes to each of their pre-ordered customers.

Kathryn Palmieri associate director for Sacramento State Academic Advising Center, arrived at 7:30 a.m. to volunteer as a loader for the cookie drop off. “I still remember the time when I would go door to door selling the packages of cookies for $1.50,” Palmieri said. “Girl Scouts is a good organization that teaches you the skills to survive in the world.”

More than 2,000 vehicles drove down to fill the cars with cases of cookies. U-Hauls, trucks with trailers and RV’s were picking up cookies for the troops.

“Community service is not a need, but a want to help better the community and better yourself,” said George Haith, an Alpha Phi Omega fraternity webmaster who volunteered as a walker.

There were four positions filled with volunteers. The walkers and counters were in charge of guiding the car to the different piles of cookies. Then others were directing the traffic to the lanes available. From there the loaders filled the vehicles with boxes of cookies.

Melanie Glover, communication and public relation specialist for Girl Scouts Heart of Central California said every year thousands of girls are unable to join Girl Scouts because the lack of volunteer troop leaders. Sacramento State students are encouraged to find out ways they can volunteer or become a troop leader.

“We’re always looking for more leaders to back our young girl leaders, and it’s a really great experience,” Glover said.