Thursday, February 9, 2012

Massachusetts Girl Scout Brings Winter via Gold Award Project

In Massachusetts, the Daily Leicester reports that although many are disappointed over the mild 2012 winter, thanks to Girl Scout Abigail Bernier, local families may still have a chance to safely take to the ice during February Vacation week.

Over Super Bowl weekend, Bernier, Leicester Parks and Recreation and other residents were tirelessly working to build a community ice skating rink at Leicester Middle School — and now all they need is a good freeze to help get the fun started.

A longtime Girl Scout and senior at Leicester High School, Bernier had been looking to do a project for her Girl Scout Gold Award.

"The idea came about because of people falling through the ice in town, so I was thinking why not make a rink that we can use year to year, that's safe for kids to use, and make it kind of like a tradition in the town," said Bernier.

Knowing she had only a limited amount of time before Spring made the project impossible, Bernier got the ball rolling quickly, and brought her proposal to Leicester Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Rec approved of the effort, and with their support, Bernier then mobilized the troops to help make the idea come to fruition. In order to maintain the ice, Parks and Rec will be building a "hand-zoni," a makeshift device that will help them keep the ice smooth and glassy throughout the season.

In the meantime, Brooks is collecting ice skates for residents to be able to use at the rink.