Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl Scouts Gearing up for Car Derby

Connecticut's Stamford Advocate reports that local Girl Scouts are gearing up for derby races. Shannon, a Girl Scout, chose to paint her derby car white and decorate it with shamrock stickers to reflect her Irish background.

More than 175 Girl Scouts from Stamford will race their derby cars Saturday hoping to take their place in the victory circle in the Second Annual Powder Puff Derby.

Dianne Houtz, regional unit manager for Stamford Girl Scouts, said organizers chose to hold a Derby event the past two years because the activity challenges the girls to be creative and fosters healthy competition. 

Emmanuel Salami and his 8-year-old daughter worked on her racer Sunday after being told a metal weight on the bottom of the car should be more tightly secured. Solene said she decorated the hood of the car with lightning bolts and flames because they appealed to her.