Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Artist Learns From Girl Scouts in Nebraska

In Omaha, NE, KETV 7 reports that a local artist has teamed up with a Girl Scout troop to give the girls a way to raise money while sharing his passion for expression.

The 10-year-olds from Troop 42579 recently visited Hot Shops Art Center in North Downtown Omaha.

“This is the coolest thing we've probably done,” described Bethany Szczepaniak, who spent the morning with her fellow girl scouts brainstorming and searching for inspiration.

“Inspiration can come from the most basic things in living,” explained Therman Statom, an internationally accomplished glass artist. “From moms, from dads, from flowers.”

Statom lent his time, talents and experience to the troop to show them his art. After nearly forty years of glass blowing, Statom spent the morning passing on his passion, and learning from the girls.

“I must admit, their ideas have been pretty good at influencing my own glass design,” said Statom. “I've found their ideas are fresher.”