Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girl Scouts in Illinois Raising Money to Visit Savannah

In Illinois, the Naperville Sun reports that as Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary, special needs Girl Scout Troop 200 is hoping to take part in the celebration by selling cookies so that they will be able to take a trip this August to Savannah, Ga., the birthplace of Girls Scouts, where there will be special events planned to commemorate the anniversary.

“It will be a really good experience for these girls,” said Jessica Griffin, troop leader and Western DuPage Special Recreation program supervisor, “A lot of them have only gone on family trips so to be able to go on a trip with their friends ... for a week all the way to Georgia will be a huge experience for them.”

But because the girls do have special needs, including Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy, many need to travel with a parent or aide, which increases the cost of the trip for each family. The troop hopes to sell 1,400 boxes of cookies, receiving 75 cents from each box sold, to help make the trip more affordable.

The troop, which was formed in fall 2008, serves special needs scouts ages 7 to 17 from Naperville and the surrounding area. They meet every other week at the Sportsman’s Clubhouse in Naperville. In the past, the troop has used the proceeds from cookie sales to take part in field trips and special events like attending a musical, taking a trip to a dude ranch, and visiting a fitness center. But this year, because of the anniversary of Girl Scouts, and because the girls have wanted to go on a trip, they decided the time was right to visit Savannah.