Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girl Scout Honored for Role in Saving a Friend's Life

In Austin, Texas, The Statesman reports that Girl Scouts of the USA will honor an Austin girl for her role in saving a friend's life.

Etta Moore, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Texas, will present Lilly, a member of Troop 2178, with the Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award, which Moore said is rarely awarded. Moore said Lilly demonstrated maturity beyond her years when she helped Chris on the mountain that day, waiting for rescuers through much of a cold, dark night.

"As the sun set on a chilly night last June, Lilly Andersen sat on a rock on Colorado's Engineer Mountain, soaked in her friend's blood," according to The Statesman. "Lilly and Chris, along with his father, Joe Valentino, were hiking when Chris, also now 12, fell 30 vertical feet down the mountain and then tumbled another 300 feet . The boy broke his leg in the fall, and Lilly tried to keep him warm and conscious while his dad directed a search-and-rescue team to their location."