Friday, January 6, 2012

Atlanta Magazine Hails the "New" Girl Scouts

Atlanta Magazine reports that the “new” Girl Scouts runs like a Fortune 500 corporation (and with $700 million in cookie sales, it is the nation’s largest female-directed enterprise). It has the jargon to prove it. There are five key strategic programmatic platforms, fifteen outcomes, three keys to leadership, dozens of common core standards, etc., etc.—all powered by an NYC-based research institute dedicated to studying how girls learn. The Atlanta council’s latest motto? “Invest in a girl and change the world.” Watch out. The Girl Scouts are tired of being nice.

“Girl Scouts [has] often been thought of as nice but not necessary,” says Atlanta’s CEO Marilyn Midyette. “We want to be necessary. Historically we’ve been associated with cookies and camping. Of course, camping was really about self-reliance. And selling cookies was about financial and business literacy. Girl Scouts has always been about leadership, but the kind of leadership has changed because society has changed. Seventy-two percent of women work outside the home now. When you look at the nations that have the most productive societies, they have full participation from the entire population.”