Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anna Maria Chávez—"Girls, Opportunity And (Still) The Leadership Gap: We Must Do Better"

"What a remarkable time to be a girl in this country," writes Anna Maria Chávez, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA, in a column for Forbes. "Think about it: She could grow up to develop the next great computer gadget or breakthrough drug therapy or even Hollywood blockbuster. This is a good and hopeful thing for her—and for us."

"The issue is that girls still don’t necessarily see this brave new world of opportunity translating into leadership positions for women," continues Chávez. "And it’s true. At this point, women make up only about 3% of the CEOs of publicly traded companies, and you could go across the various sectors and find much the same."

How will Girl Scouts address this? Girl Scouts of the USA is launching the biggest cause in Girl Scout history. The ToGetHerThere cause formally begins the work of breaking down the barriers that are keeping girls from reaching their potential as leaders. The cause will seek to motivate all adult members of society – individuals, corporations, governments, and like-minded organizations – to do their part to support girls. Further, the cause will place this issue front and center on the national agenda.