Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anna Maria Chávez Attends State of the Union

Yahoo reports that Girl Scouts of the USA's CEO Anna Maria Chávez was present as President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union Address, in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives. In his speech, he focused on education reform, repairing America's infrastructure, and creating new energy sources in America. Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, gave the Republican response after the State of the Union Address.

In keeping up the tradition that began with the 2011 State of the Union Address, the members of Congress sat with members of the other political party, rather than sitting on separate sides of the room. Proud Girl Scout Alumnae and Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, victim of an assassination attempt the previous year, was also in attendance.

The Politicker reports that Congressman Jon Runyan (R-NJ) hosted Girl Scout and High School senior Brittney Emery to be his guest at the State of the Union. Ms. Emery was selected by the high school’s administrative staff after Rep. Runyan extended an invitation to one student from the high school to attend. She is a student in the Political and Legal Education class and is very interested in government and politics.

“I am pleased that Brittney has accepted my invitation to attend the State of the Union,” said Congressman Runyan. “I was very impressed by Brittney’s involvement in the Girl Scouts and her outreach to younger female students. I believe it is very important to provide our future leaders with every opportunity to see our democracy at work.“