Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google Announces $40 Million in End-of-year Grants to Nonprofits

Marina Park, CEO, Girl Scouts of Northern California, reports from her San Francisco Chronicle City Brights blog that Google announced $40 Million in end-of-year grants to nonprofits.

"I am, of course, thrilled that Girl Scouts of Northern California received a $100,000 grant from to support delivery of our Tech Choices program", writes Park. "During the past three years Girl Scouts of Northern California has worked with Techbridge to develop an engineering series for girls in grades 4-12. Girls roll up their sleeves and work on engineering design, electronics and circuitry and robotics. They visit local technology companies, science museums and universities, and they meet female engineers. Techbridge developed the curriculum and piloted it with Girl Scouts of Northern California. Throughout the pilot period, Techbridge and Girl Scouts of Northern California worked with outside evaluators to measure the program’s effectiveness."

The stats are fantastic:
  • 88% of middle school girl participants reported that they “feel more confident about doing science and engineering activities.”
  • 85% reported that “I believe engineering is a good career for women.”
  • 64% reported that “I am more interested in working in science, technology or engineering.”