Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girl Scout Team wins the Champion Award at The Eastern Missouri First Lego League Championship

Congratulations to The Girls of Extraordinary Mind Strength robotics team! Missouri's Saint Louis Today reports that the Girl Scouts robotics team won the Champions Award at the recent Eastern Missouri First Lego League Championship. The teams conduct research, build and program a Lego Mindstorms robot to explore ways in which food can become contaminated and then propose solutions for preventing or combating the contaminates.

The Girls of Extraordinary Mind Strength researched other products that already existed to test for salmonella or E. coli and found there were test strips available for purchase but that they were expensive. The girls decided to transform test strips into a thread, to become a part of a paper towel. They designed a paper towel that would be laced with inactive antibodies to detect salmonella. Consumers are instructed to wash their tomato and use the paper towel to dry it off. If the tomato contains traces of salmonella, the paper towel will change color within 10 seconds.